Dealing with A Narcissist

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery – Healing in all aspects of your life

Identify Your Abuser, Identify Yourself

Victims of abuse do not open up easily.

Learning about abuse does not come to mind in the moment.

Most of the time victims do not know what it is or how to identify it.

Many times they do not want to admit it. Why? Shame, blame, embarrassment, the list goes on.

This website was created for victims of various types of abuse, including narcissistic abuse.

I was in an abusive relationship for 3 years and during this time I did not FULLY understand what was happening to me.

I realized that I was being physically abused and that it was not right.

But it was all so much more than physical.

I was also dealing with a narcissist. Who was not only physically abusing me but also afflicting emotional, financial, verbal, and even sexual abuse on me. But I didn’t realize any of it during the time.

Why? Because I was not educated on the nitty-gritty behind abuse or narcissism.



Do Not Waste Your Life Anymore

After going in and out of the relationship (which by the way did not get any better) I finally took it upon myself to find out what the hell my abusers problem was.

And I found it out: he was a narcissist. And an abusive one at that. These types of people are called malignant narcissists.

After reading up on narcissism and emotional/verbal abuse in numerous articles, websites and e-books it became deeply embedded in me that I needed to get this out. In my eyes, everyone needed to know this.

It was not an option.

If I had only known what the signs were and how to handle the situation boldly in the beginning maybe I wouldn’t have dealt with it for so long.

If I had known what the hell these evil-crooked-heartless deeds were I could have recognized it immediately and left before it got as bad as it did.

Instead of wasting 3 years of my life with a heartless “husband” who’s only priority was himself and his ego.



Get The Message Out – Learning About Abuse

After going back and forth with this thought numerous times I decided to make a website. More specifically a blogging website.

The message I wanted to get out loud and clear was mostly for victims.

But it is also EXTREMELY important for their families and friends to understand this too.


This is such a broad question that can be answered in so many different ways.

The most important thing to remember is these need to be KNOWN and EXPLAINED in DETAIL.



No victim can move on from an abusive relationship is they do not understand what is abuse.

They end up going through the pain and loneliness over and over.

They do not understand themselves why they stay so long.

And my mission here is to open up their minds to anything and everything they need.

Mission: To have victims of narcissism and abuse leave the abusive relationship, permanently.

And I ask for your help in getting this crucial and important word out.

Begin to understand the signs here: Types of Abuse


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